The most actionable audience research platform

Leverage the social platforms' targeting precision to extract first-party audience insights and scale more meaningful campaigns.
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What might you learn if you could recruit any campaign audience into a consumer panel?

Actionable, qualitative research at scale can now recruit panels from the same consumers that your paid social ads reach across Meta, Google, TikTok, LinkedIn and more. 


Actionable Walled Garden Audiences

Learn 10x quicker for 10x cheaper with Walled Garden Surveys compared to A:B testing or brand lift studies across Meta, Google, TikTok, LinkedIn and more.


Over 3 Billion Consumers to Survey

Target the social platforms' +3 billion consumers, survey, and collect their opinions on brands, products, messages, ad creative, and experiences.


First-Party Data for Marketing

Research that pays for itself by turning every response into an opportunity with first-party data, providing targetable sales leads.

Actionable insights that are cost-effective and drives brand growth quicker.

Market research that can scale across the largest ad platforms helping you segment markets, drive innovation, improve ROAS and understand brand health.


Audience Profiling

Shift from relying on broad audience personas to actively recruiting and analyzing real consumers from walled-garden ad platforms, a strategy that enables the identification and prioritization of actionable segments for more scalable campaign execution.

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    Segmentation: Learn how to best structure the market into distinct segments
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    Needs: Clearly understand the differences between these segments in terms of emotional and functional needs
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    Prioritization: Easily prioritize the opportunity with these segments and activate them through the walled garden ad platforms

Product Innovation

Learn which products, packages, and services resonate most with both new and established audiences, thereby identifying product-market fit and seizing new growth opportunities.

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    Features & Benefits: Learn about the top feature and benefit combinations that will win over your target audience
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    Price Range: Understand what price range your target audience is most willing to pay
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    Target Audience: Shed light on the audience segments who have the highest propensity to convert for each product

Campaign Development

Increase the relevance and conversion rates with your target audience by analyzing the impact of your marketing messages and creatives, gathering direct feedback as first-party data, and making it actionable across walled garden ad platforms.

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    Messaging: Measure the effectiveness of different messaging strategies
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    Creative: Receive feedback on the engagement levels of your creative by audience
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    Full-Funnel: Develop a comms strategy for each audience and marketing stage

Increase Creative Effectiveness With SweepLift's Targeted Survey Promotions

Utilize SweepLift's targeted promotions to gather first-party, consumer preference data, essential for sustaining brand growth and illuminating the "why" that connects your products to your best consumers. 


Targeted Promotions

Target and recruit audiences across Meta, Google, TikTok, LinkedIn, and other walled gardens with promotions such as sweepstakes and giveaways to drive participation. 
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    Incentive: Align audience interests with promotional incentives using sweepstakes and giveaways
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    Recruit: Reach any audience across walled gardens ad platforms, email, and SMS
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    Acquire: Acquire their first-party data, secure marketing consent, and provide coupons to drive conversions

Consumer Surveys

Survey any walled-garden audience to gather insights on brand, product, and campaign preferences.
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    Survey: Conduct consumer surveys to gather preferences and feedback
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    Audience: Create audience personas by profiling their pain points, needs, and motivations
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    Concepts: Gather feedback on various product, packaging, and ad concepts

First-Party Data and Analytics

Gather first-party consumer preference data and leverage generative AI to enhance your strategy, build audience segments, and customize products, content, and campaigns.
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    Generative AI: Establish a proprietary consumer knowledge base to fuel generative AI
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    Analyze: Understand advanced customer segments illuminating the “why” behind top products and campaigns
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    Activate: Action on the intelligence within the same channels used to collect the data to drive performance

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