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SweepLift offers a fully-managed sales optimization system that combines incentivized market research and lead generation.
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SweepLift helps brands increase revenue with fewer resources by combining audience research, performance marketing, and sales optimization tactics to enhance return on ad spend and boost sales close rates.

Our proprietary technology integrates promotions and surveys to recruit your target audience from major ad platforms like Meta, LinkedIn, Google, and TikTok, then qualifies and educates them with videos, asks discovery questions, and prompts actions like signing up for demo meetings.

SweepLift provides a full-service offering, managing and optimizing ad campaigns, designing ad creatives and surveys, analyzing audience insights, and offering sales coaching to deliver a comprehensive solution for your brand's success.

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Learn How to Drive Ready-To-Sell Leads

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Target Any Audience

SweepLift targets and recruits your ideal audience utilizing the walled gardens of LinkedIn, Meta, and Google, and incentivizes them to answer surveys and book sales calls.

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Qualify, Educate & Discover

Qualify sales leads with surveys, educate them with videos, and have them elaborate on their needs by answering discovery questions before they book a meeting.

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Optimize Sales and Marketing

Data is modeled and studied by the SweepLift team to help drive your sales process and improve your marketing's effectiveness.

Drive Revenue With Incentivized Marketing

SweepLift's program integrates ad platforms, qualification surveys, marketing videos, and a data-driven sales process.

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Audience Targeting

SweepLift leverages LinkedIn, Meta, Google, TikTok and other top ad platforms to target, incentivize, and recruit only the best sales prospects who are required to complete a survey before meeting with sales.

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    SEGMENTATION: Learn how to best structure the market into distinct segments
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    NEEDS: Clearly understand the differences between these segments in terms of emotional and functional needs
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    PRIORITIZATION: Easily prioritize the opportunity with these segments and activate them through the walled garden ad platforms
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Survey Qualifiers

After they click on your recruitment ad, prospects are required to complete a qualification survey, watch branded marketing videos, and then respond to a CTA where they are typically asked to sign up for a sales meeting. 

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    FEATURES & BENEFITS: Learn about the top feature and benefit combinations that will win over your target audience
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    PRICE RANGE: Understand what price range your target audience is most willing to pay
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    TARGET AUDIENCE: Shed light on the audience segments who have the highest propensity to convert for each product
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Insights Driven Meetings

SweepLift leverages bayesian statistics to analyze comprehensive survey data for insights, which is stored in your CRM. Discovery data is passed to the sales rep helping them tailor their sales meetings.

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    MESSAGING: Measure the effectiveness of different messaging strategies
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    CREATIVE: Receive feedback on the engagement levels of your creative by audience
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    FULL-FUNNEL: Develop a comms strategy for each audience and marketing stage

Generate Ready to Convert Leads for Less Money

Study your target audience while lowering customer acquisition costs and shortening your sales cycle.

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More Quality Leads

Improve your return on ad spend and generate more, high quality leads for less spend. Use highly focused audience targeting, combined with compelling incentives, to grow your lead volume of qualified candidates.

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    INCENTIVE: Align audience interests with promotional incentives using sweepstakes and giveaways
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    RECRUIT: Reach any audience across walled gardens ad platforms, email, and SMS
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    ACQUIRE: Acquire their first-party data, secure marketing consent, and provide coupons to drive conversions
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Better Audience Insights

Prospects complete surveys and watch videos on your solution. The data is then used to provide robust analytics to the marketing team helping them become smarter about the audience.
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    SURVEY: Conduct consumer surveys to gather preferences and feedback
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    AUDIENCES: Create audience personas by profiling their pain points, needs, and motivations
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    CONCEPTS: Gather feedback on various product, packaging, and ad concepts
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Higher Close Rates

Prospects arrive at meetings better informed about your solution.  Your sales team is better equipped with qualification and discovery data.  Improved close rates result from presenting the right solution and value messaging at the very first meeting.
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    GENERATIVE AI: Establish a proprietary consumer knowledge base to fuel generative AI
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    ANALYZE: Understand advanced customer segments illuminating the “why” behind top products and campaigns
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    ACTIVATE: Action on the intelligence within the same channels used to collect the data to drive performance

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