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See Your Brand from Your Customer's Perspective

Learn from your customers and turn paid ad experiments into acquisitions

Collect the most actionable first-party data. Analyze insights for audience targeting, platform and creative messaging. Activate effective campaigns segmented by audience value and creative preference.

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Break free from:

  • Broad consumer panels
  • Costly A/B testing
  • Painful website-based first-party data collection

Experimenting with ads and gathering audience insights is costly. Choosing the right creative for the right audience, on the right platform is difficult. SweepLift helps social media marketers pre-test campaigns to align their audience, platform and creative messaging. It’s continuous learning for smarter ad spend.

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Reduce ad waste, increase ROAS

Pre-test to align your platform, targeting, and creative before activating campaigns.

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Collect your own high-quality first-party data with consent

Efficiently produce rich insights to segment and optimize campaigns.

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Adjust to consumer privacy regulations

Decrease your reliance on interest and demographic data from big platforms.

Data and Insights: The SweepLift Difference

Your insights will be actionable, and your first-party data will be engineered for activation. SweepLift’s promotions, giveaways, and sweepstakes produce data and insights that are:


Collect the demographic, persona, economic value, and preferred ad creative data you need for advanced segmentation.



Create remarketing and lookalike audiences across top ad platforms.



Send first-party data back to the ad platform to improve audience and creative targeting.


How SweepLift Works

Test ads, audience targeting, and platforms all at once

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  • Analyze your personas and pull out addressable attributes available on ad channel
  • Target your tests to different interest, behavior, and lookalike audience segments
  • Pre-test ads natively on all major paid ad platforms for the deepest channel insights

Recruit any audience with targeted promotions and giveaways

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  • Increase audience engagement with targeted, white-label promotions, giveaways, and sweepstakes
  • Capture first-party preference and behavior insights through custom surveys
  • Track key audience, creative, and brand metrics overtime

Validate every campaign element with a quantitative Scorecard

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  • Score campaigns based on ad and targeting effectiveness
  • Reveal creative preferences across different audience segments
  • Uncover target audience density and finetune ad audiences with the lowest bots with highest audience reach

Turn research into revenue and launch campaigns with confidence

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  • Increase ROAS while also boosting engagement
  • Continuously build your ultimate first-party data bank and enhance custom lookalike and remarketing audiences
  • Jumpstart ad campaign deployment with your winning test creative elements

Get Started with SweepLift

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SweepLift takes your test objectives and maps your audience attributes to ad platform targeting parameters.

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Design your promotion, recruitment ad elements, and consumer survey, all in Sweeplift.

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Sweeplift deploys your targeted giveaway or sweepstakes and gathers survey responses and first-party data.

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Measure test performance and uncover actionable audience and ad creative insights.

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Shift your top performing tests into ad campaigns and turn research into revenue.

Connect sweepstakes and survey data to boost creative targeting by 50%.

Discover more strategic optimization strategies and enhance audience targeting by 60%.

Eliminate 90% of fraudulent clicks on your programmatic campaigns with richer insights.

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