Turn your digital ad channels into a campaign insights engine

Pre-test your Facebook and Google campaigns using SweepLift to quickly experiment with audience reach, targeting precision, and creative effectiveness

Cat Owner Audiences (example)

Decrease Ad Wastage by up to 50%


With the effectiveness of your media, targeting, and creative


With the same ad platform and
audiences tested


How to reach the right consumers
with the right message


With insights that eliminates ad waste
and improves returns

Why SweepLift?

How Does it Work?

Step 1

Ad Platform

Select the ad platform you want to recruit and study from.

Step 2

Ad Targeting

Target and recruit your campaign audience into your white-labeled promotion, which they enter after completing your survey.

Step 3

Ad Creative

Analyze the goodness of fit between your audience targeting and creative messaging.

Pre-Test Your Campaigns Across Top Platforms

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