Profile Valuable Audience Segments Using Powerful Consumer Surveys

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Use Stimuli and Questions with Consumers in a Trusted Environment

Open up a clear dialogue stream using stimuli and survey questions in the online social environments where consumers are most apt to share opinions and preferences.

Profile Audiences, Test Products, and Campaign Concepts

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    Collect feedback on image, video and audio stimuli
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    Ask open ended questions to surface the voice of the consumer
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    Ask close ended questions to poll opinions on ideas, messages, features, and more
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Image, Video & Audio Stimuli

Have consumers analyze any type of concepts represented by images, videos or audio stimuli.


Close Ended Questions

Ask consumers questions using any combination of single choice, multiple choice, rank order, rating scale, likert scale questions.


Open Ended Questions

Surface the voice of the consumer with open ended questions and use generative ai to extract top themes and keywords.

Use Consumer Surveys to Profile Audiences and Personalize Products and Campaigns

Take advantage of rich stimuli, open, and close ended questions to collect quantitative and qualitative insights on the effectiveness of  your products and campaigns for any given campaign audience.

Illuminate the Why Behind the Wall-Garden Campaigns

Quickly illuminate the “why” behind your story-driven, product and offer-driven campaigns that you run across the walled-garden ad platforms to understand what can best connect products and people to drive growth for your brand.
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    Profile the pains and motivations of your top audience personas
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    Collect feedback and predict sales from new products and packages
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    Measure the effectiveness of different campaign messaging and creative

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