If you’re going to do promotions anyway,  you might as well get more from them

With Oscar nominations making headlines, millions of adoring fans are looking forward to debating who will show up wearing what for their triumphant or disappointing nights.

But fans aren’t the only ones waiting with bated breath for those Red Carpet moments. Hundreds of brands leverage the star-powered anticipation of Award Show Season to get consumers forking over first person data via sweepstakes. And, as the lights turn on and the symphony warms up, Sweeplift has a few questions to help marketers determine if they’re getting all they should from those promos.

Following are a few questions to see if your brand’s promotion is a small budget “Moonlight” punching above its production, an all-flash-but-no-substance “Gigli,” or somewhere in between.

  • How are you recruiting? Are you finding the customers your brand really wants to attract?
  • What sort of information are you getting that you can use in your marketing? Are you learning how they approach your category? What do they think of you and your competitors? 
  • Are you learning what they think of your ads? Not just which ones work but what they find appealing about them?
  • What sort of marketing permissions are you receiving and do you have the chance to drop them on your homepage with an incentive to purchase after learning about your offer and providing you feedback?
  • How easily can you use all you’ve learned to slip into retargeting and other key marketing initiatives?

Sweeplift is the first and only consumer promotions company that allows you to find your audience on any of the walled garden platforms, ask them custom questions about your category, brand, products or ads, secure marketing permissions and then activate on those same platforms.

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