Why Did NFL Fans Love These Three Super Bowl Ads?

We recently used the SweepLift platform to analyze what NFL fans most admired about the top three ads from the 2024 Super Bowl. By leveraging Meta's advanced ad targeting features, SweepLift was able to recruit hundreds of male and female NFL fans. These fans were shown the top three ads of the Super Bowl and asked a series of questions.

While most Super Bowl ad analyses focus on which ad scored highest with consumers, our goal was to understand why people liked the ads. This attitudinal approach delves into consumers' preferences and opinions.

We studied the top three rated ads from USA Today’s Ad Meter. The top ads are:

Kia - Perfect 10 for EV9

Kia Super Bowl Ad Shows That EV9 Can Power Touching Moments

Dunkin Donuts - DunKings

Celebrity Cameos in Ben Affleck's Dunkin' Super Bowl 2024 Ad

State Farm - Like a Good Neighbaaa

Ad Meter 2024: State Farm

We aimed to learn about ad preference by gender, overall likability, retention, specific likes, brand association, and purchase intention.

Recruiting NFL Fans from Facebook and Instagram Audiences

SweepLift's audience recruitment methodology is cost-effective and actionable, with an efficient $1 per response in recruitment ad spend for NFL enthusiasts. This cost-effectiveness opens new possibilities for brands to conduct thorough market research with targeted audiences affordably.

To incentivize consumers, participants were entered into sweepstakes for a $100 Amazon gift card. This strategic recruitment and consumer incentivization set SweepLift apart as the first platform to combine promotions with surveys, integrating into the largest social media ad platforms. This approach provides brands with actionable insights from a large and engaged audience at a fraction of conventional research methods' costs.

Given the audience was recruited from Facebook and Instagram using specific targeting parameters, it's easy for brands to action on the insights, develop a campaign, and scale it against that same audience.

Below is the recruitment campaign and promotion landing page of the survey.

Facebook & Instagram Recruitment Ad

NFL fans are first targeted with a recruitment campaign on Meta offering a $100 Amazon gift card.


SweepLift Study Landing Page

NFL fans click through the recruitment ad and land on the SweepLift study landing page, which is a sweepstakes. Before they can enter, they are asked to watch three videos and answer a few question.

You can check out the survey for yourself right here - Preview the SweepLift Survey for the Top Super Bowl Ads 2024

Diving into the Super Bowl 2024 Ads Study

The study revealed fascinating insights into consumer preferences, with Dunkin' Donuts emerging as the overall favorite, followed closely by Kia. Men showed a stronger preference for Dunkin', while women were more drawn to Kia, highlighting the distinct appeal of each brand's messaging.

Kia secured the highest retention of attention, indicating its ad captivated viewers the longest, a testament to its impactful narrative and emotional resonance. Dunkin' Donuts was most associated with by the audience, underlining its successful connection with viewers through relatable humor and familiarity.

Creative Effectiveness Scores

Below you can view the creative effectiveness scorecard for each of the three ads for a general population of NFL fans. You can see creative preference, likability, retention and the margin of error for each rating. These are standard creative effectiveness scores that we deliver with our market research studies.

For Male NFL Fans

Males NFL fans preferred the Dunkin ad over the Kia and State Farm ad. 

For Female NFL Fans

Female NFL fans preferred the Kia ad over the Dunkin and State Farm ads. 

What Did NFL Fans Like About the Ads?

Kia, “Perfect 10 for EV9”

The Kia ad was lauded for its emotional impact and innovative message about electric vehicles (EVs). Fans appreciated how the ad not only highlighted the technical capabilities of Kia's EVs—such as providing lighting power and being able to power other electrical items—but also intertwined these features with deeply relatable family moments.

The chart below reveals the key themes NFL fans appreciated most in the ad, showcasing the specific elements that resonated deeply with the audience.

This dual focus on innovation and family values struck a chord with viewers, demonstrating that advancements in technology can bring us closer to our loved ones.

Dunkin' Donuts, “DunKings”

Dunkin' Donuts took a different route, infusing humor and relatability into their Super Bowl ad. Viewers were entertained by the light-hearted approach and found the ad memorable, especially for its humorous take on everyday moments.

The chart below reveals the key themes NFL fans appreciated most in the ad, showcasing the specific elements that resonated deeply with the audience.

The mention of new drink flavors and the celebration of friendship over coffee and donuts resonated with many, highlighting Dunkin's place in the fabric of daily life. The ad's ability to make people laugh while subtly introducing product offerings was a winning combination.

State Farm, “Like A Good Neighbaaa”

State Farm's ad reinforced its brand image as a reliable and caring insurance provider. The use of humor, notably through celebrity cameos, made the message about insurance accessibility and reliability more engaging.

The chart below reveals the key themes NFL fans appreciated most in the ad, showcasing the specific elements that resonated deeply with the audience.

Fans noted the brand's consistent presence and reassurance that "State Farm is there for you," echoing the company's long-standing slogan. This message of unwavering support, combined with a light-hearted delivery, helped reinforce trust in the brand.

Which Ads Drove the Highest Brand Association?

In our survey, we posed a question to NFL fans about their favorite ad, asking, "Do you feel like this brand is for you?" The responses were quite revealing.

An impressive 90% of participants who favored the Dunkin Donuts ad felt a strong connection to the brand, indicating a significant brand association. In contrast, State Farm received the lowest level of affinity, with only 52% of those who preferred the State Farm ad feeling a similar connection.

These findings underscore the deep affection fans hold for Dunkin Donuts. The ad's success in reinforcing and expanding brand affinity among its consumers is evident.

Which Ad Drove the Highest Purchase Intent?

When we asked NFL fans about their favorite ad and whether they would purchase the product if it were available today, Dunkin Donuts emerged as the top choice once again. A significant 65% of respondents indicated they are likely or highly likely to buy the product based on the ad. 

This preference aligns with the frequent visits Dunkin fans make to their stores, contrasting with the less frequent purchasing decisions involved with brands like State Farm or Kia.

The SweepLift Difference: Actionable Insights for Marketers

SweepLift's study platform allowed for the collection of nuanced feedback from a targeted audience, providing a depth of understanding that goes beyond surface-level reactions. By profiling, segmenting, and prioritizing the market using Meta and Google audiences, SweepLift delivers insights that are not only valuable but also actionable. This methodology ensures that marketers can tailor their strategies more effectively, enhancing engagement and ultimately driving better outcomes.


The Super Bowl 2024 ads study emphasizes the power of emotional connection through innovation, humor, or reliability in advertising. SweepLift's expertise in offering cost-effective, targeted, and actionable market research makes it an essential partner for brands aiming to understand and engage their audience more effectively. By combining digital precision with engaging promotions on social media, SweepLift ensures maximum return on ad spend. Ready to enhance your brand's engagement? Contact SweepLift today to design your next audience study across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and LinkedIn.